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4.) If the new customer purchases a 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg  you will receive a FREE 300 mg bottle!

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Additional Information


  • Referred customer must be a new customer.
  • Referred customer must sign up for the Cannabideals rewards program.
  • Referred customer must purchase a 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg bottle.
  • Free bottle must be picked up in store. 
  • A “referral” is defined as a new customer with a referral code. 
  • Referred customer may only use one referral code.
  • Referred customer may only use referral code once.
  • Referral stipulations are subject to change at anytime. 
  • Referred customer must bring referral code, first/last name will not qualify.
  • As of 6/21/2019, there is no limit to amount of 300 mg rewards a customer can receive though each referral must be a new customer.