How to Use Our CBD Hemp Oil*

Push Down and Turn Cap to Open

Our bottles are child-resistant, and require light force to open. Hold the bottle firmly, and simply apply light pressure while twisting to open!

Fill Dropper

Squeeze the dropper to fill with desired amount of oil, we recommend 1mL of our 1,000mg and 0.25mL of our 3,000mg. The dropper is metered for easy and accurate dosing!

Apply Oil Under the Tongue

Squeeze the dropper to apply the oil under the tongue

Allow the Oil to Absorb

Allow the oil to absorb under the tongue for about 30 seconds or so, the longer the better! After the oil is absorbed you can wash it down with your favorite drink!

Close Cap Fully

After using our CBD Hemp Oil, close the cap fully. This ensures an airtight seal, and prevents leakage. 

Store Bottle Away from Direct Sunlight

Our CBD Hemp Oil can be refrigerated, but does not need to be unless stored for several months. 

Simply keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and you're good to go! 

*These directions are for OUR product only

Directions for our product may differ from others out on the market! If you are using another product, pay close attention to the dosing when switching. Bring your bottle by our store and one of our CBD Experts will help you compare!

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